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Myopia Management in Richmond Hill

If your child has myopia (nearsightedness), here’s what you can do to preserve their long-term healthy vision and ward off eye disease.

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As a parent, you want the best for your child.

That includes making sure your child’s vision is as healthy as possible. Myopia is a common condition that affects millions of children and teenagers. If left untreated, it can lead to serious vision problems and even vision loss later in life. But there’s good news: myopia management can help slow the progression of myopia and reduce the risk of long-term vision problems. At Richmond Hill Eye Clinic, we offer a range of treatment options to help your child maintain healthy vision.

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Richmond Hill Eye Clinic

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The 3 Benefits of Myopia Management


It slows the progression of myopia.

Managing myopia early can help reduce the need for stronger glasses or contacts in the future, and lower the risk of developing vision problems and eye diseases in adulthood.


It can enhance your child’s quality of life.

With better vision,
your child can participate in activities and pursue their passions with greater confidence and


It improves visual

With myopia management, your child’s vision can be improved, making it easier for them to see clearly and perform daily activities like reading, writing,
and playing sports.

Personalised Myopia Management Treatments in Richmond Hill

At Richmond Hill Eye Clinic, our team of experienced eye care professionals is dedicated to helping your child maintain clear and comfortable vision. We offer personalised treatment plans and ongoing support to ensure your child’s vision stays strong. Don’t wait to address your child’s myopia! Contact us today to learn more about myopia management and discover how it can benefit your child.

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Meet Our Doctors

nan_GSP_UID_95ddf020 51c7 4d09 9703 91d0e61c8643

Dr. Nan Jiang O.D.

Dr. Jiang graduated from Tong Ji medical School and Zhong Shan Medical School in China 20 years ago, majoring in clinical medicine and ophthalmology.

patrick_GSP_UID_975f87d1 158b 4dc9 923a c39560404cfb

Dr. Patrick Lam O.D.

Dr. Patrick Lam was born and raised in Scarborough, Ontario. He became interested in Optometry as a career in high school and decided to enroll at the University of Waterloo.

Google Reviews

1 week ago
Our family has all received excellent eye care at this clinic. From our experience, the clinic has provided us with excellent service and we are very satisfied. I'm happy with their attentive and personal service in eyewear prescriptions. My older son got his OK glasses from them and is very happy with the results. It is evident that the clinic's professional team understands the individual needs and preferences of patients to provide the best solution for their unique situation. This level of attention makes patients feel cared for and valued. Also, I am personally very satisfied with the glasses I received from the clinic. The quality of the glasses was excellent and the service I received throughout the process was top notch. The staff at the clinic were friendly, knowledgeable and patient, making sure I found the perfect pair of glasses for my needs.
- Zhang E.

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